The World of Zarlona

Upon this world and its people there was a watchful and caring eye from the Lands of Light. For countless centuries the people lived in peace and tranquility as the rulers were just and upright of heart.


But from the Lands of Darkness an evil lurked that would soon breach the borders of peace with it’s venomous vines of deception and deceit. These unholy and wicked vines soon found their way to the Palaces and somehow began to grow within the hearts of the royal family. The royal lineage that was once pure and righteous, had become nothing short of pawns for the unknown powers from the Dark Lands.

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Zarlona is now a world that is simply fighting for survival. It is in need of men and woman who would stand against the forces of darkness that have taken hold of the souls of the innocent. Whoever steps forward, whether for fame or fortune it matters little, the Darkness must be pushed back and the Light must rise again within the hearts of the people.

The World of Zarlona

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