The World of Zarlona

Hills of Forlorn

In Forkbeard’s alehouse one can get drunk, and forget their worries at least until one runes out of silver. The strangest thing thou once one runs out of silver work seems to magically appear. This time a dying man appeared came to our table, and handed me a parchment. After much deliberation of the parchment I handed over to Kromleck the Dwarf, he can actually read.

From their we headed to the Hills of Forlorn. Our party five, Kromlech the Dwarf, Bartholomew the Bandit, Ando the Wildling, and myself, Thyl . Upon arrival we had to fight living bones, and rotting flesh. I was knocked out in the fight, only to be awoken after they were all dead. To the north we found treasure. Myself I got a pair of crystal shoes, of invisibility. Problem is thou once I took them off I was missing all my clothes. Next we went down a big hole, I was the first to go. All I seem to remember is eight legs, and giant fangs. Next thing I know I was back in town.



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