The World of Zarlona

Hills of Forlorn Part Two

After Thyl and Bart recovered their strength, the humans and I returned to the hills of Forlorn once more. After searching everywhere once more, we found that their was nowhere left to go. On the walls we were able to find writing riddles in ancient tongue , far above our minds to comprehend. It was only with me dwarves nose that I was able to find where to go next. Passages hidden from view trapped and guarded, was where our destination lie. On the emerald path lie, hellhound fire enough to badly burn Thyl, lightning which would kill with a strike, and a cursed rope which Bart tried to hang himself with. On the path of the ruby, dual giant skeletons held guard, darts of astounding speed, and unholy altars to the dark gods. On each path we were able to find an unexpected ally, Wilhelm the disembodied head, and the wraith Lord Braxton. They spoke of the necromancer’s atrocity’s and a passage to the South.

After much hassle, and great brainpower on the part of Bart. Were we able to get through the South passage. There we found the foul Necromancer Magus Sarnath, and a half dozen of his foul creations. Thyl was no where to be seen, and of no help occasionally you would here the sound of his broadsword against stone. Ando in fear of the undead aim missed it’s mark and many an arrow reached Bart’s back. Bart himself slew many a zombie and the necromancer himself. Thou he seems to be suffering memory loss for the entire duration of the hills of forlorn. Bet he took a blow to the head while he wasn’t looking. Luck would have it he would would forget the treasure we found in the dungeon, and that light tap with the battleaxe I had with his back. I fought the rest the rotting creatures by myself, until midway I found myself a meter off the ground, and my fists going through the zombies heads with no resistance. Thought the blasted beasts had killed me luckily I returned to normal about a half minute later. One shouldn’t mess with necromancer’s, if you lose there are worse consequences than death.

Krom Axethrower



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