The World of Zarlona

Journey to Bloodsword

Having acquired the stone dragon’s heart hidden in the necromancer’s lair. Lord Braxton’s wraith told a tale of the stone dragon and the thief, and the dragon’s riches for the return of it. The tale was such that those who know it surely walk to their death’s. Using money for supplies we were toset off to the Bloodsword mountains. Before we left a conversation with an old merc, Tiberious told of a way into the dark lands through an old mine that I knew as Echo mine. The only person who knew anything of the dark lands was a wizard in the tower on the outskirts of the town. While others spoke of unimaginable treasure he spoke of certain death, though he offered a little aid to the fools who march toward’s death.

Riding the farmer‘s, Publio, cart to the East we heard tales of the scourge, and a single nuisance of a cyclops. During the night we were set upon by wolves, no match for me and my axe. Then after a couple a nights we were set upon by the cyclops. We were able to have him show us the way to where the dragon, may be for that is where he dropped his bag of eyeballs. Then we were before them the Echo Mines.

Kromleck Axethrower



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