The World of Zarlona

Letter to Ironhand Bibliotheca

To Limon the Ironhand Clan’s Librarian

Secrets and history, it runs through our veins. A dwarf’s grudge is never forgotten it is only lost to the ages of time. I will tell you of one such grudge I will resolve one way or another. I head to the dark lands to the Bloodsword mountains. My chances are slim, but there is a chance so I am forced to go, or I will not be able to face my ancestors.

From before the Bloodsword mountains were called the Bloodsword mountains. And peace ruled the lands. There were no light or dark lands. A clan of dwarves lived in peace in those mountains. Though rich in minerals they contained very little iron, but what need did we have for iron in peace. Do not mistake this for being defenseless, what iron they had was turned into steel weaponry. The halls though small, could forever survive from being besieged from the outside world. What would destroy them would come from the beneath the earth. The dwarves dug too deep, the dragon awoke, and destroyed all that was above it. The dwarves fought back, line after line, and they died death after death. There were a few that fled among them, a baby, from a noble clan that ruled them. The majority of the survivors knowing that defeating the dragon was impossible, decided it best that the matter forgotten, and lived with their honor destroyed their ancestors would have lived in shame had they known this.

The minority believed that the grudge at least not be forgotten, and so the grudged was passed from one generation to the next. The first chosen to become a Grudgebearer, that single baby, and I will be the last. The Grudgebearer bares the knowledge of our shame so it least not be forgotten. I have spent my life searching, for more information on the dragon. Most of it was erased by my ancestors, but history moves on, and the dragon persists. It’s history only connected with dwarves for a short while, but I wish it to interact once more.

The stone dragon, “Subignes” or roughly translated in man tongue, “That Which came from Beneath the Flames”, history starts long ago, it’s destruction brought all around it to ruin. But from what would come from what is now known as the Dark lands came three “Slayers”. Do not confuse them with heroes they were most certainly not. These three would trap Subignes at it’s weakest. The first slayer a beastly humanoid of huge size, and immense strength would take Subignes’ left leg. The second slayer a humanoid shorter than a dwarf, used speed and skill to take his right leg. The third slayer a human of no strength, or magic would take both of Subignes’ claws, this man was known as Bloodsword. While these three attacked Subignes a fourth individual of unknown qualities, known only for his actions, came and stole Subignes’ heart without anyone‘s knowledge. This rogue would perhaps have performed the greatest heist of all time. And it’s knowledge would only be spread long after his escape.

The three slayers would later split, and form what would become later known as the Darklands. The rogue would never be heard from again. Subignes despite his great injuries would survive being the powerful being he was. Though without his heart he no longer terrorized the lands.

Subignes protects our lands from other titan beasts by his sole presence of living, so when he calmed down none wished the dragon’s death, at least none with the power to do so. The dark lands would thrive, and the only reason it fails to attack the light lands is it’s scarcity of iron, thou that was the case long ago the situation is no longer known. The rogue I believe would make his home in the Hills of the Forlorn. Where the dragon’s heart rested until by providence, or perhaps it was misfortune I found it.

I shall be the last to bear this grudge, if I fail to slay the dragon, no other will take up the mantle. I send this message so that my kin will be remembered for a little longer. Whether they had honor or not, time has erased it. And as this paper crumbles to dust, even it will be forgotten by mortals. Even the gods will forget of it’s happening. But perhaps they will remember one fool of a dwarf and the dragon. And that they clashed for even, but a single moment.

The Last Grudgebearer Kromleck Axethrower


That was awesome! Wow….. Zarlona’s history is growing in depth for sure.

Letter to Ironhand Bibliotheca

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