The World of Zarlona

Starry Gate

We stood before the starry gates. It was encrusted with rare stones, and jewels. One among the party pried a jewel from the door, only to be immolated by strange energy. With help of the party we were able to pry the door open, hoping that greater, safer treasures lie within. We had farmers among our people. They put down their pig and rooster. While we carefully made our way forward. The brave rooster made his way forward only to be skewered by four spears thrown by statues ahead of us. As we went into the next room we found another statue this one followed our movements with precision. As the pig left the room through the right door. He was engulfed in fire by the statue. Our party, fearing further reprisal scattered to left and to the North. The statue soon ran out fuel, and we needn’t fear it any longer. I was among those who went to the left. There we found a giant snake of twenty feet in length. The snake spoke in broken tongue and then attacked those in our party. With great valor, and concentration we were able to fell the beast. then it turned to ash before our eyes. In the room there was a throne. I sat in this chair. In the chair I saw the stars, and thousands of years of movements in mere minutes. What it all meant I shall probably never know.

Our party was able to regroup at the fire statue, we then went to the right. After passing a roasted pig, we came to catacombs. Where we came across six skeletons. We were able to destroy them, but at a cost of one of our own. We then headed north once more, my compatriots spoke of a pool guarded by foul crystal monstrosities, beyond that a room full of miniature clay soldiers, and at the end a room full of clay statues that look if they are ready to move from their still stance. I would not be able to make it that far for, one of our compatriots attacked the crystal beasts, and they were soon upon us. After two of our number were dead and two of theirs, we were forced to retreat or we would all die. As we exited through the starry gate it disappeared behind us. Of the eight who entered 3 humans survived, and me, Kromlech the Dwarf.


“After passing the roasted pig!” Love it!

Starry Gate

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