The World of Zarlona

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

Living a peasants life is not easy. Early rise and late to bed. Day after day, especially during the harvest season. This past year has been unusually difficult due to the darkness that seems to spread ever further from over the Blood Sword Mountains.

Old Man Roberts has worked so hard this past year that he has nearly bought the farm and I don’t mean a piece of land with a home on it. As he lies upon his death bed he shares with a few young, local peasants about his past adventures and his lack of courage to explore the supernatural portal that only appears once every half-century. He tells them that it leads to a burial tomb of a war wizard. If only he had ventured further he might not have lived the life he has lived. He encourages the young lads to do what he never had the courage to do.

So off they went, eight of them. They found their way in and faced unending deadly challenges and enemies. When they finally emerged from the portal they were changed men, but only four returned.



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