Kromleck Axethrower


Dwarf Level 2

Str 10
Agi 13 +1
Con 9
Per 15 +1
Int 9
Luck 16 +2

Alignment Lawful
Sign Lucky Signs
Languages Dwarf Common Ogre(Cyclops)

BAB 1d4
HP 24
AC 15 Obsidian Scale Armor
R/F/W 4/3/4
Crit d12 III

Infravision 60, Slow, +2 shields
Underground Skills +CL
Sword and Board
Smell gold and Gems 100 ft


Far from home. He was robbed of his gold and wares. Able to fight the robbers off to keep his life with his blacksmith’s hammer. After getting kicked out of the tavern he heard of a portal from some other customers………
Receiving a strange note he goes to the Forlorn Hills to stop the Magus Sarnath. There he receives the magic axe “Grim Release.” After the defeat of the necromancer, he found that the life of an adventurer suited him, so he kept on that road.

Kromlech Axethrower, the bearer of the bronze axe Grim Release, is by no means of impressive stature, even amongst dwarf standards. The apparel in which he clothes himself gives fallen nobility feeling. His tattered cloak and other apparel, are made of wolfskin, all of it lined with dark, red spidersilk. A wolfhead is on each shoulder, draping forward. Crisscrossing the torso is a pigtail rope harness. With ten feet of line, and a bronze grappling hook attached. At the waistside is a pulsating bag with two wolf tails dangling from it. On the other side a finely crafted dagger. The weapon of choice a silver warhammer with a red spidersilk tassel, and a spiked bone shield, that has been submerged in molten bronze. Noticeably the magic axe, Grim Release, is on his back. A dwarven beard rests upon red obsidian armor. The hairs seem to fade in and out of existence occasionally, some have come to know him as Ghostbeard. Upon his head rests a helm that is covered to look like a crown in a wolf’s and it’s mates teeth, four giant fangs protrude past the other teeth by far. The crown’s jewel protruding from the center is what can only be described as the absence of a demon snake’s horn, a foul jewel which is and is not there. The helm is split in half the left side is proper, and the right shows most noticeable able a darkeye that has seen far to much, it’s stare pierces you.

Kromleck Axethrower

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