Thyl the Undying


Cutpurse Human Level 2

Str 9
Agi 12
Con 12
Per 11
Int 5 -2
Luck 10 1d4

Alignment Lawful
Sign Raging Storms
Languages Common Thieves Cant Illiterate

HP 13
AC 13 Studded Leather
R/F/W 1/2/0
Crit d12 II

Sneak 1
Hide +3
Picklock 3
Find Trap
Disable Trap +3
Forge Doc -2
Disguise self +1
Read lang +0
Handle poison +1


Rogue with many scars and injuries. Carries a human head on his hip, and usually wields a Broadsword.

Never the sharpest spoon in the drawer. He never had much money, and had to resort to thievery to survive. Upon hearing of the portal he was foolish enough to join. He survived, because of a short fellow which he now follows. Those who see them together see them as a drunkard (dwarf) and his pet human.
In the forlorn hills he receives the Emperor’s crystal shoes which seem to give him a frightful cold on the way back.

Arrow wound on the knee
Spider Fang bite on the neck
Hellhound flame marks on the face

Thyl the Undying

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