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NPC’s from Zarlona


The Dwarven Proprietor of the “Forkbeard’s Ale House” in Silvergate.

Tiberius the Old Warrior

Tiberius spends most of his days in the Forkbeard Alehouse. For a free drink this old geezer will tell you wild stories that many find unbelievable.

The Hermit Wizard

This old and decrepit wizard lives in his small run down tower north of Silvergate near the Iron Forest.

Magus Sarnath

The Crazed Necromancer from the Hills of Forlorn.

Publio the Farmer

Publio is a small, stout little human who owns the farm the furthest east of Silvergate. He has been known to offer rides to people traveling east…though that is very rare.

Locations of Sarlona


Farms of Silvergate Kingdom

Hills of Forlorn

Ironhand Mountains

Bloodsword Mountains

Echo Mines of the Bloodsword Mountains

The Watchtowers of Silvergate Road

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